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Formation of the Political Party System in the USA Summary about the creation of the political party system in the United States. A basic overview of the general party system in the United States

The Root of Our Social Problems This is an article to help try to make conscience that we need to go back to focusing on the family to solve a major problem that our society has, drugs.

Do not get confused about Immigration Control in the USA  The illegal immigration and new laws of the united states should not be taken as an excuse to practice discrimination against innocent people. This article will try to help you understand this Issue from a different perspective.

Truck Drivers Move America's Economy Some people have the wrong idea about Truck Drivers. Even though it is one of the most ungrateful professions, it is one of the most important ones of The United States. We hope to help you understand them a little better.

How do I establish a noticeable presence in the WWW for free? This article is about the creation and publication of a web page. from beginning to end without expending money. We hope to help you understand how to form and publish a web page without making the same mistakes that we made.

THERE IS A RECESSION WHEN MY ECONOMY IS IN A BAD SITUATION! When we talk about a recession, we should also stop and think in a way to help activate the economy. We may create an economic disaster and contribute to the situation if we don't act

I AM A SALES PERSON. JUST LIKE YOU! Article trying to explain a human trace within every person. We are all sales people by nature. We should change the misconception that we have about Sales people since we are one of them.

HOMEOWNER OR A LANDLORD?  HOMEOWNERS PAY THE TAX BILL!  There is a problem that homeowners are facing at this time: Taxes. Some people opt for renting property in order to accommodate the extra expenses. We could complain or offer solutions.

IS THE BORDER FENCE TO KEEP AMERICANS IN THE USA? Article that describes a point of view about the construction of a Border Fence between the United States and Mexico

Tax Rebate for 2008. How does it work?  How does the Tax Rebate that the Federal government will be giving to US Taxpayers Work? this article tries to explain the basics on a simple way.

THE INFLUENCE OF MEDIA IN CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR  We need to be aware that not everything we do is dictated from our own way of thinking. the influence of media in our behavior is evident

AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO RETIRE? What to expect from Social Security Do you know if you are going to be able to get your Social Security retirement? In order for younger tax payers to be able to keep their future social security retirement pension we most act now. This article tries to explain the actual state of their benefits

WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE IN THE U.S.A? Some Americans that have no health insurance coverage think that there is no option. There are some insurance programs that may be able to cover them. We may be able to change things in the US

FUEL PRICES HURT MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA  Our society is changing. The price had forced many Americans to change their way of living to adjust to the new economy. is there anything we can do to control the falling of the Middle class economy?

TEACHERS GOT IT TOUGH! If we want our school teachers to succeed at their job, they may need a little help from us. We want the best education for our children but we may not be letting our educators do the job right. Some teachers are abused by students.

How can you pay for a College Education A college education in the United States is very expensive. Some students that really want to get a degree are always trying to find the way to pay their tuition. Here are some options

Am I an Entrepreneur  If you want to know if you could succeed in a business you most ask yourself a few questions. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. This article will help you decide if you could quit your job.

Teaching our Kids the real value of money .It is important to help our kids succeed in life. one way of doing it is by educating them and help them distinguish the value of money

Can We Change the Government in to a Good Business? We may need to make a few changes to improve our economy. could we analyze our options before going to vote? The candidates should know more about the economy before they try to fix it!

An Economical Recession Could Be an Opportunity for the Government: There may be a good opportunity to change some things around for the better. In a time of recession some governmental programs are needed. this programs may work better due to the need to improve the economical situation. We could help others and at the same time improve our situation.

SHOULD WE STAY IN IRAQ? OR SHOULD WE BRING IT TO THE USA? Nobody likes war and we would like to end the conflict in Iraq but, is it time to leave. I think that there are some reasons to stay a little longer

O say, Can you see…Our Tax Was Still There We keep on getting new taxes and we are getting to the point in which we have to do something about it. Some businesses fail because it is hard to keep up with it.

Watch your Mouth!.. What you say could have an economic impact Sometimes we regret saying something, we wish we didn't have a conversation but, Some people have the power of changing the economy with a comment that they made because of their position in our society. Should they be punished for what they said?

Who pays for your home Insurance?. Make sure you get a good deal! Do you know what your home insurance covers?. Make sure to get the best deal for the lowest price. This article may help you understand how to get protected.

Hugo Chavez, World’s Eminent Economical Danger. Hugo Chavez has many followers but his ideas should not prevail. We do not need another Fidel Castro in Latin-America!

Tips to USMC Boot camp survival. Some recruits never make it for graduation at the USMC boot camp. This article may help you get there with the right set of mind. It is an honor to be part of the best

Is it Better without health Insurance?. Why is it that some people have to pay for others when it comes to health insurance. Is it the correct thing to do. What should we do about it?,

Should we be for or against the government bailout of the banks? Some people are firmly against the economic bailout. It is very important for all of us to understand exactly what is all about and the consequences of the bailout

The Economic Reaction to Bad News. Media has a big influence in the economy. The news that we hear everyday produce a social reaction and a change in attitude of some people. Is there a way to reverse it?

COULD A “TAX BRAKE” NOW HELP OUR FUTURE ECONOMY? The government wants to help the Americans with Tax brakes but, do we have to pay that help back to the government?

The Tax Problem No One is Telling You About  You have been saving  diligently now for many years, looking forward to the day, not too far down the road, when you can retire and begin living off those hard saved dollars.

KEY POINTS OF OBAMA’S  HEALTH CARE REFORM Read the key points of the new healthcare reform that will affect every American introduced by president Obama

Sales Trader Jobs There are lots of job opportunities waiting for you in the job market. But it is very important to choose the right kind of job for you.

How To Reduce Risks For A Computer Based Work At Home Affiliate Business For those who have not heard or are unaware of a computer based work at home affiliate business it is highly recommended to look into it

The Rights, Responsibilities, and Radiation of Liberty Have you ever seen or heard of a group of people standing outside the White House petitioning the government for their rights?

The Government Wants You to Reduce Your Taxes The Government Wants You to Reduce Your Taxes

How To Raise Money To Support Causes That Contribute To Your Community I recently met a lady who told me that if I could provide with her with 10 people who are committed to the community and would support the fund raising efforts for a specific group

Who needs life insurance Many people hate to talk about it for the simple reason that it makes us feel vulnerable. We would like to think that we could live forever. Others believe that they don’t need it because, after you die, who cares?

Are you against globalization? Globalization is a concept that has been misunderstood. If you are pro or against it, first you need to know what globalization means and what it does for us


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