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There are many teenagers in the USA that will soon become victims of crimes or that will be part of the drug consumer statistics in this country. We haven’t looked hard enough for the solution to  this problem. Sometimes it is easier to blame others Countries for our own society bad choices. We know that the nucleus of our social education is the family but we haven’t found the solution to the problem of “leaving our kids” to be educated by “others”. There are no schools to “become a good parent”. Every social trauma that we have, has been inherited to our kids and, if we don’t change, our social problems will increase every year.


When we are teenagers we usually focus more on our day to day activities. Many times, our main concern is to have fun and “look good” to our friends eyes. We usually don’t realize that every small bad choice that we make will hunt us for the rest of our lives. Anybody that happens to think different than us is, to us, wrong. When the time goes by and we become adults, we realize that we could have done things better but we can not change the past.  If you are older and try to help a youngster make better choices, you are usually taken as a pain in the… We need to find a better way to communicate to the younger generations and stop falling on the “let them make their own mistakes” set of mind. There is no magic solution to our society problems, but I think that the right education could lead us to a better society. 

Drug trafficking has become a major issue in North America because we have not done enough to solve the problem. There are some that think that some other countries which let drug dealers operate, transport and sell are to be blamed for the overflow of drugs in North America but it is a simple market operation for a complicated problem. If there are consumers there will always be providers because money becomes “the name of the game”. If the “business” stops been profitable, it will be less drug smugglers and trafficking. Let’s stop putting all the blame in others and start trying to fix the problem from its root. We can help the next generation of Americans and the country in general if we begin to focus in the family. Our Government IS NOT supposed to solve all the problems of the country because we are the guides of it. 

When a parent keeps track of their kid’s activities he/she can help his kids make better choices and prevent them from falling under the influence of drugs or bad habits. It is important to make conscience that we can make our kids less vulnerable if we teach them right but also if we teach by example. We can not expect our children to behave in certain ways when we, behave exactly the opposite way. There is no a crystal ball that will insure us that we are doing what it takes to help our children get a better future but, it has been proven that if we teach them the difference between right and wrong the possibility of them taken the erroneous way will reduce dramatically. 

I firmly believe that our society should go back to family principals to build a better society.  We can not let our society impose to us the idea that we should blame somebody else for our own problems. Media has told us that the government is responsible of all the drug and trafficking problems in the USA because of lack of law enforcement. Lets be active participants of the prevention by helping our own family walk the correct path. The base of our society is the family and we all have some responsibility in every change of our society.



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