Watch your Mouth!.. What you say could have an economic impact.


The economy in general suffers every time a politician or a person with an influential position talks about something that could have repercussion in our finances. The markets are full of speculators that base their buying or selling decisions in the information, right or wrong, that comes from these comments. How much responsibility should a person that make a comment that affect us all should have? 

Wall Street investors are always waiting cautiously for information that could change the market. The annual production report, the state of the union speech or the economy review of a big corporation sometimes have an adverse consequence. The profits or loses of a corporation depend on non tangible information. Some of our jobs depend on the market behavior that could change due to an unfortunate comment of a politician or an economy analyst that may never realize what he just did after talking to others or “inform” about certain subjects. 

Many of us have something we regret saying. We may just want to fix things by making a comment about certain subject and we make things worst. We all, at one point or another, regret saying something but, what influence do our words have in others? On the other hand, if a public influential person says something, we could lose our jobs, decrease our buying power or change the economy. 

Some “information” that is given to the public has the intention of changing the economy, some people do not realize that they just change other people’s lives with the comments that they make. The question is, should they be punished for opening their mouth without thinking? 

If the information given is truth, how they say it or when they say it may change the outcome around. If the person speaking knows the repercussions of the information he is presenting' should he have waited to say it or should he just help prepare others to assimilate its consequences? I am not implying that a person should lie about anything, what I am suggesting is that the outcome of any information to the general public should be analyzed for its effects before talking about it. 

The power of the words that we hear depends on the credibility of the person speaking. High rank officials, politicians and economists could help or ruin the economy with their words. Media also influences the economy when they over inflate some subjects that otherwise would not have been considered important. It is imperative to look at the effects of what is projected to the public especially at time of recession. 

The intention is not to stop everyone from informing us of what is going on out there. Information is important and will help us prevent any economical mistakes that we could make. The intention is to analyze the consequences of whet we say or publish before it is too late. Some people have to be a little more careful when they speak. It is hard to fix a broken economy.




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