There are many different opinions about the situation in Iraq. Some Americans think that we should not be there. They think that there is no reason why The United States should be involved in a problem outside our country but the truth is that we can not just pack and live. There are many reasons why we have to stay until the situation is under control because our countyís future depends on it. 

Fist of all, we need to support our troops. Our country should provide them with enough equipment and supplies to do a good job. Also, there are many Americans that have served in the military that know that the moral support from their country is needed to lift the moral of our soldiers. We need to let them know that wherever they do is for the good of their people. When somebody signs in to the military they do it with a high expectation and wiliness to help others. The least we could do is to show some respect to them because they are people like you and me. Their country should not let them down. We should not bring them back to remind them that they did not act according to our expectations because, one day, they will look back and regret ever have served in the military. Our soldier should come back to a country that should welcome them. 

It is not the reason that took us to that country what we should be looking at anymore. The United States is not a country of failures. When we start something we should be doing it with the intention to finish it as we usually do. It is not about wining or losing, it is about doing the job right. We do not want to have to go back in the future and start the whole situation all over again. If the occupation of Iraq was a mistake, we should not make it worst by not finishing the job we intended to do. 

If you look closely at what is going on you will understand that is better for it to happen there and not here. If we live Iraq now, it will be taken by others as a sign of weakness and we will be suffering for that. We do not want to leave a chaos in that country because it will move to ours. Our soldiers are the reason why we can go out every morning without the fear of something happening to our family. Our freedom depends on the support that we give to our troops. 

We respect the people from Iraq and we hope them to live peacefully and I think we could help. We also have great respect for life in this country but, letís be honest with our selves; will we feed good and safe in the future if we live Iraq now? This problem is not political anymore. Whatever we do now will affect our future in the one of our children. At this time we have a good opportunity to compensate Iraqi citizens and help them get a better life but in order to do that we need to stay there at least until their own government can take over. 

Every American is entitle to his own opinion about this subject. My opinion is that we should think about the good of everybody in our country. If we do things right in Iraq, even them will thank the United States for the change. I believe that, at this time, it is better to finish the job before we live.



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