How To Raise Money To Support Causes That Contribute To Your Community


by: Jim Peterson

I recently met a lady who told me that if I could provide with her with 10 people who are committed to the community and would support the fund raising efforts for a specific group, she would produce in 6 weeks for that group and the community, over $15,000 a month in direct cash payments.

Well, I was skeptical. However, not too long ago I wrote an article about Church Charity Self Funding which a lot of people read, however, no one asked me if the plan would work for them and/or how to get in touch with someone that would make it work for them.

With that experience in mind I decided, what the heck, maybe she has something that I should share with others who are committed to making a difference for their community. I asked her to give a quick overview of what she was suggesting. Here it is:

The first thing she did was explain to me how and why it is always so difficult to introduce something new, especially when it goes against all that we have been taught through the main stream bureaucracy, the same bureaucracy that created the recession we are enjoying.

She then explained why she thought the present economy represented a great opportunity for communities and other civic organizations to expand their loyal neighborhood base into cross related money machines that not only help the neighborhood but each individual participant and the whole community by providing a solid base of friends and associates who can be counted on to continue giving to the program no matter what. Basically, she said, the program rewards neighborhood families for being a part of the community?

She went on to explain what we, unfortunately, already know; Charitable giving is down between 6% and 50%, depending on where you live, who your donor base is and who is reporting. And naturally the charities that are taking the brunt of the decline in charitable giving are the community civic organizations. The groups that help communities the most by providing innovative programs.

She then said something so simple and compelling that I was stunned. She said “You want to make the program a community party.” A party where people not only have fun, they are financially rewarded for bringing their friends and associates to the party.

She went on to give me the details, including the tools she provides. I'm not going to go into that here.

Suffice it to say that the results for the families participating and the community is nothing short of amazing.

In the 1st week one family invites 4 people to join them. In week 2 those four people invite 4 friends, that's 16 members so far. In week 3 those sixteen members invite 4 associates, that's 64 members. In week 4 those sixty four associates invite 4 supporters, that's 256 members. And the inviting continues.

As the income to the charity grows, so does the income to the participants.

One family is now earning an additional $1,550 a month

Four people are now earning an additional $750 a month.

Sixteen members are now earning an additional $350 a month.

Sixty four associates are now earning an additional $150 a month.

Two hundred and fifty six supporters are now earning an additional $50 a month.

And the inviting and earning continue.

That's income that can be used to help stimulate the local economy. How? By buying from local farmers' markets and locally produced products from community retailers, through micro lending, guarantees or otherwise helping finance families and local businesses that need financial assistance, frequenting community restaurants, retail stores and service providers. By spending their “found” money locally.

The message her program brought to me is that the great recession we are experiencing is changing, forever, the way we will be able to support civic, church and community charities. Why not support the community and the families that make up the community while you support the causes that contribute to your community?

As always, I'm here to help you navigate the changes that are being forced upon us.


About The Author

Jim Peterson is a writer, charitable giving consultant and Home Based Business Networking evangelist helping people have more time for the things that are important to them.


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