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There are about one million Americans living in Mexico at this time. Some of them moved there to enjoy their retirement, open up a business or simply move to the other side of the border because it is cheaper for them to cross the bridge every day than to pay rent in the US. With the promotion of a border fence along the US/Mexico border some of these Americans could be affected too. People promoting this project think that it will keep illegal aliens out of the country but it may also be good to keep Americans in it. 

We most recognize that we have an illegal immigration problem but, we most work towards a solution that does not affect our everyday activities and way of life. A fence along the border is, I think, a political show more than a physical solution. Yes, we need more border patrol agents and yes, we need to find a way to stop illegal immigration into the USA but we most do it with the help of our neighbor countries because they too have an immigration problem caused by the same situation. For instance, people from central and south America are crossing the Mexican border in their way to the United States and some of them, after been unable to accomplish their goal, stay there to reside. Could we offer some help to that country and at the same time help our selves? Let’s be realistic, if we want to solve the problem, it will not happen by building a fence. It may help to get a reform to the US law and combined with some help from Mexico and Canada. 

The general feeling among Latin Americans is that by building a fence the US is promoting hate towards them due to their national origin and not National Security for the country. This will definitely reflect on the special treatment that we have been getting from our neighbors when we go on vacations to their respective countries. It seems like we only go around the world promoting a bad name for US Citizens which makes others hate us. This border fence may only work to get another country off the list of countries that we can visit because if people really want to cross to the USA they will try and try again until they do it.   

The danger of crossing to the United States in some areas is well known. Hundreds of immigrants die each year trying to get to their destination. They are willing to risk their lives in order to get to a “better life”. There is no way a wall will stop them from trying to cross the border looking for a job, but a job offer in their native country will definitely do more than a fence. The investment that could go to building a fence will do a lot of more if put it towards the generation of jobs in the neighbor countries. 

The United States needs to start an international campaign to promote tourism to the country and rehabilitate the bad name that has been created by our failed political policies. Tourism does generate revenue to the country but, the wrong impression that is caused by the promotion of ways to stop immigration could be misunderstood by possible tourist to the US. Nobody wants to take a vacation trip to a country where he believes no to be welcomed due to his national origin which, in a way, is the impression that it is given by building a fence between the US and Mexico. In the other hand, people from other countries could have a natural response to what is perceived as a hostile attitude towards them and, if an American wants to travel out to their country, he could find an unfriendly environment waiting for him. 

Americans are still welcome in many countries. When a country is in need due to any type of national disaster or economic situation, the USA is usually the first country to send help. The nature of the average person in the US is friendly and we used to talk more about ways to bring down barriers and not making new ones. We could think that the very few anti-American countries out there do not like us because they do not know us. I just hope that building a fence along the border will not be to keep Americans in.


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