Can We Change the Government in to a Good Business?


We are always complaining about our economy and many times we blame our government for our recessions and lack of good management of our country’s finances but, we keep on electing politicians instead of economists. We should ask the question: Should the United States government be handled as a business? We could come up with many different opinions but we could give change a chance. 

It is difficult to change our perspective when we talk about elections. If we decide to postulate an economist for office he may not get enough votes to win the election because we are used to hear politicians talk and we want the elections to become a media show. At the time of a debate the economist may lose because he may not have the necessary speech skills to convince us of what it is really needed to fix this country’s problems but, wouldn’t it be better to elect somebody who knows more about numbers that somebody who knows just what you want to hear? 

We had some politicians with a business degree which most of them got after going to law school but we may need to change them for an economist with an entrepreneurial view. If the country does not work due to economical issues and the story keeps on repeating over and over again than we need to look at it from a different perspective. There most be a different way to handle things in this country to make a change looking to benefit peoples pockets. 

A successful entrepreneur could make a good US president. A person that can take action instead of serving special interests is needed. When you run a business and you see that you are losing money somewhere you most take immediate action to fix the problem. That is what a business person is used to do. He can not wait and see what is going to happen tomorrow to make changes to his business plan. He most take action and force the changes that he needs to have done so his business can profit.  

The idea is to have a business plan for a country that is losing. We most make this country profitable and share its profits evenly according to how much we put in to it. I don’t mean get money from the government. In a business, an entrepreneur invests a lot of time to be able to profit. In a country we work to build our future along with making our family a priority. We are working towards a common goal but some are pulling a little harder than others. The creation of jobs is imperative! 

If a good business person invests in his business he tries to do it wisely. An investment is not a gift. You most be planning on profiting from your investment either in a short or in a long term but it most be more than what you put in what you are supposed to get out. A good approach would be to invest in small business to make a profit and at the same time provide the average citizen with a job. The business owner and the worker will both benefit from this. 

The government can not please everyone just like a business does not always favor all of its employees but, if it is managed smartly; the benefits could be shared equally and fairly. A good company that offers benefits to all its employees always manages to get the money from its profits. Employees that feel good working for a company usually do more than what they are required to do for the good of the company. They take care of the company’s assets and help the company grow. We can not say that it would not happen with a well managed government.  

I think that we need a successful entrepreneur in the government to start making changes towards a healthy economy because we tried many politicians that have not been successful at turning the economy around. We can not lean towards any other type of government because capitalism is a way of life. The United States has the best system of government of the world and it could also be the only place in which we could try to change the government in to a good business for its citizens.


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