Some people have a misconception of what a sales person is. Let’s see, you are a sales person! You may not earn your living from it but we all, at some point in our life, had sell something. Some people live from that profession and take courses to develop their skills and become better at what they do. If you ever tried to convince somebody about an idea you are selling it. There are many types of sales people. Some sell ideas, some sell cars, others try to sell anything they could find. In a way we are usually raised to be sells people. Have you ever seen a little kid asking for permission to his parents to go somewhere or do something? He may be afraid of a negative answer and tries to picture his idea in a likable manner. If he sells his idea properly, he will get away with what he wants. Also, If we got home late we usually had to come up with an excuse no to get in trouble. We are selling an excuse!. Even when we want somebody else to have a good concept about us, we are making a sell. 

In addition, if you are a very convincing person, you could be a good sales person. You may not make a living out of sales but, you never know, you could! The first step is, of course, to find out if you have what it takes to be a good at it. If you have the attitude, if you are convincing, if you have the motivation, if you are a “people person” and are not afraid to speak in public, you could be an excellent sales person. All you may need is the right product to sell and be convinced that what you are offering is good for others. You most get informed and know everything about your product. 

Sales is one, if not the most, profitable career. People like Bill Gates and Carlos Slim have made fortunes thanks to that skill. Their persuasion to convince others about their ideas and product usefulness have made them lots of money. The skills required to become a sales person are already within us and all we may need is to develop and tailor them to our product. The skills required to convince others develops as we grow because we learn a little from every person that we met. 

I met a sales person that was admired by my friends because, they said, he could sell anything. I found out that he could not. He was only able to sell the products or ideas that he really believed in; not because he lacked the skills to do it but, because his attitude would change towards the sell and you could notice. I found out that information was part of the game. He knew everything there was to know about the product he wanted to offer and he would sell it. Surprisingly, he was an excellent listener. He would take the ideas and concepts you will talk about and expose them back to you in relation to the product he wanted you to buy. When I asked him where he learned his selling skills, he said that he learned from people that did not buy his products. He had the analytical skills required to be a good sales person. 

There is a type of sales person that fascinate every body, the Politician. To be a good candidate to the Senate or the Presidency of the country you need to be able to sell your ideas. If people believe in you, they will pay you with their vote. The job requires not only the knowledge of the law (the product) but the skills to keep people happy. You may have what it takes to do a good job but if you are missing an essential skill you will not get elected. If, for example, you are not fluent and convincing when you speak in public, it will hurt your votes. 

A sales person is not only the one that tries to get your money. A sales person is a customer service provider, a cashier at a convenience store, a mechanic, a banker, a truck driver. I am a sales person just like you!




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