Over 47 million Americans don’t have any type of health insurance coverage. Some of the reasons are the cost of it, misinformation and past or present medical conditions that disqualify them for coverage. We usually think about the subject of health insurance only when we need it the most due to a family member been sick and the doctor and hospital bills are outrageous. If we want to keep our credit in good standing, we have to find a way to pay our medical bills. There is a growing concern among Americans about this issue but what can we do to solve it? 

First, we most know that if you do not qualify for health insurance or can not afford it, your children may still be able to get it. There are different state and local programs that we could look at to get free or low cost coverage for our kids. Medicaid or Chip are two programs that are income qualification related. We may be reluctant at looking into those programs due to our income because we may think that we do not qualify but, if we don’t, our kids may qualify. In some instances we may be able to get protection for a low cost. The qualifications for these programs may vary from state to state. Please take the time to look at these options. 

Some other things that could be important to look at are the smaller programs offered by community hospitals or doctor’s associations. Visit your nearest hospital and ask if the have a coverage program that could accommodate your needs since it could result in big savings for you and your family. This type of coverage may only be in effect in a small area but will give you an important choice to save money. Make some calls and look at these choices. In other words shop around. 

If you do not have insurance because your employer does not offer it or because you are self employed, you may be able to get a good rate through an association of people that perform the same type of activity that you do in or near the community where you live. These associations get in to blanket insurance programs that are less expensive to its members.  Try to find one and sign in for membership. One thing to remember is that you can not form an association with the sole purpose of getting health insurance. 

Another common problem why a lot of people don’t have insurance is because they do not qualify due to preexisting or present medical conditions. If you are one of them, the first thing you may want to do is to find out if your state offers “High Risk Pools” programs. This type of programs offer coverage to individuals who have conditions that could prevent them from getting coverage from a private insurance provider. 

While the majority of Americans have some type of health insurance, some of them through their employer, others through the VA or the Social Security programs, there are too many that have no insurance protection at all. There is an immediate need to find a solution to this problem. Our last choice is to get some health insurance protection through a governmental reform. We need to make conscience of the magnitude of the problem and really think about whom is the presidential or senatorial candidate that had made room in his/her political agenda to deal with this situation in the nearest future. We should go out and vote because by doing it we may be contributing to the solution. If after been in office the politicians forget about these issues that are important for us, we have the power to remove them from their office by changing our political election.


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