Do not get confused about Immigration Control in the USA


 When we talk about immigration control some people imagine Mexican nationals been detained at the US-Mexico border. It is not that simple. First, we need to keep in mind that there is legal immigration and illegal immigration. We should not stereotype immigrants because, at the end, Most of us are Immigrants or descendents of immigrants in this country. There is a general misunderstanding and radicalism to the immigration subject. Lets keep in mind that some of the new laws implemented by the department of National Security of the USA are proving effective. 

Immigrating to the US legally is a way to control the relocating and reuniting of families to the country .The process could be slow and painful to some people but it assures a legal position and increases security to the rest of the population. The process to follow involves certain knowledge of the US Immigration Law which is not generally known by newcomers but the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is doing a good job on trying to keep people informed. Every person has the opportunity of hiring a professional to help them with the legal matters which might make the process easier for them. Also, new applicants should make an effort to acquire some knowledge of the United States history and form of government; a good place to start could be After all the Law was created to be followed by everyone. 

Illegal immigration takes many other issues to the table. The first question is some how rhetoric. Why do people immigrate to the United States? Logically, they want to have a better life than what they had in their country of origin. Some immigrate to the US to avoid prosecution, others because they want to reunite with their love ones but, a big part of the illegal immigrants come to the United States to be able to provide to their families. It is commonly known that the economic status of the United States is higher that most of the other countries of the world. Unfortunately, the reason to immigrate to the United States, valid or not, does not make it legal. The government has created different agencies of law to control the flow of illegal aliens to protect its economy and the economy of its citizens. We can be sure that these agencies are doing a good job to the extent of their capabilities. 

Along with this situation comes the stereotyping of people. Unwillingly, media has played a major part on this situation. The news about the detention of a new group of illegal immigrants and the attention that some television programs get when talking about immigration have created an environment of dislike to some groups of the general population. We need to make conscience that not all of the illegal immigrants come from the same country. An illegal immigrant does not have a particular skin color, accent or clothing preference. The best thinGet 4 Free Airline Tickets! - CheapTripsg to do for a common citizen is to assume that the person they could be looking at has the same rights under the law that he does. This does not mean that an employer is going to exclude anyone from providing him with prove of legal status in this country when applying for employment because that is one of the government regulations that we most follow. On the other hand, we can not assume that because a person has certain characteristics he is an illegal alien. It is the job of the law enforcing agencies to decide. I firmly believe that we should assist the government to enforce the law but we can not take the law in our hands. 

The creation of some anti-immigrant groups that radicalize the immigration issue has not helped the process of Law. We can not act against the law trying to enforce it. It is not an I am right and you are wrong matter. In the United States we have the right to assemble groups of any faction as long as we do it by the rules and obey the law. As the economy changes we perceive the need of new laws to improve the social situation and our own. We can help make the change happen by exposing our opinion to our representatives and voting for the ones that reflect a position more similar to ours. The wrong way to do it is to try to make others follow our way of thinking by force instead of exposing the issue and consentience others. We could only create a situation of hate among Americans instead of unite towards a common goal. Another way of stream radicalism is to call other people names that derivate from certain race or national origin. It is true that sometimes we say things without thinking due to a temporary set of mind but one of the purposes of this article is create conscience about the subject. 

The United States of America is not a country like any other. The human side of the Law and the understanding of its people make it a country in which everyone would like to live. It is the country that offers the best opportunities to its people. Lets hope to find a good solution to the immigration situation that prevails at this time without affecting the credibility of this countrys laws.


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