Is it Better without health Insurance? 

We always complaint about the cost of Health Insurance and we would like an explanation about it. Why is it that when you have health insurance you end up paying more than when you do not have it? Yes! You pay more with health Insurance than with out it. There are some serious things to fix in this system. 

If you decide to buy your insurance from big companies like Blue Cross or Humana, the cost of your health insurance will be, depending on your circumstances (age, weight, etc), a big part of your salary. The cost of the plans that the insurance companies offer will push you to adjust the rate with an increasing deductible because, the higher the deductible the lower the monthly premium. For instance $2500.00. which has to be met before any amount be paid from the insurance company. 

If you happen to get sick or end up in the hospital, in many instances, you will end up paying more than others without health insurance. Why do I say this? Because, if your treatment costs $2000.00., the hospital will ask you for that amount and in top of that you have to be up to date with your insurance payments. If the fiscal year of the health insurance is about to end, the $2500.00 will have to be cover again the following year to be able to utilize the health insurance policy. In other words you are making your insurance payments but you had to pay the full amount of the cost of your treatment. 

How about if you did not have any health insurance when you go to the hospital? Well, the hospital or doctor will give you a “non-insured rate” which could be less than half of what corresponds to an insured individual. In other words, if you have insurance you pay $2000.00 but if you do not have any insurance you may pay $800.00. 

A specific scenario: If you pay $300.00 per month for your health insurance and you end up using it once in the year on an emergency room situation and you had to pay $2000.00 for the treatment, that particular year your expense will be $5600.00. $3600.00 on insurance fees and $2000.00 for the treatment (plus prescription drugs) and the full amount has to be covered by you. But, if you did not have any health insurance coverage, you may end up paying a total of $800.00 for that year. 

Major health insurance may be a good thing to have for expenses over $10000.00 but, of course, you can not get health insurance with a preexisting condition covered from the beginning of the policy. In other words, if you know that you are going to be expending a big amount in hospital fees soon, it will be very difficult to get approved for coverage. If you just want to go to the doctor to get a regular check up, for a cold or small diagnostics and you use your insurance to work towards the deductible, you have a though decision to make. Will I pay $60.00 by telling them that I have no health insurance or should I pay $160.00 and use that money to cover part of my deductible? 

Hospitals and health care providers charge more to insured people because they may want to make up for the money lost to patients that have no coverage but, why should people that get health insurance coverage and make their monthly premiums pay for the ones that don’t?. This bring me to the question, is it better no to have major health coverage? Should I let others pay for my insurance expenses? The problem is, to me, that when there is an adjustment made by the governmental insurance regulation departments, is always done in a way that will make people expend more money in doctor fees or insurance coverage. 

We need to do something about our health care system because more and more people will soon start seen that it is, in some instances, better no to have health insurance coverage. Money is lost by hospitals and health care providers but more money is lost by health insurance holders. The promise from the government has been that something is going to be done. We can not sit down and wait anymore. 

There are many good insurance plans but most of them are tailored for families with high income or, if you are part of the low income population, you may get help from government programs. If you want to get major health insurance and you are part of the middle class, I doubt you can afford it.



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