The base of the US Economy relies on its commerce. If we have the goods and products necessary to keep the country running and the capacity to acquire them we could say that we have a healthy economy. In order to keep functioning as a country we all most become part of a productive society. Every job is important as long as it benefits somebody but the role of a truck driver is essential to keep us all going forward. The transportation of everything that we know, at some point, has been by truck. Some people’s perception of a truck driver is some how crooked by the way some of them are forced to behave or express themselves to be able to defend their patrimony. Some times we may judge them without knowing who drives a truck. How a truck driver lives and what situations they go thru?

Some may think that a truck driver lacks the necessary education to perform a different job. They are wrong. The necessary skills to succeed in the trucking industry are somehow special and in a way unique to strong minded people. You may find drivers that have a BA in any given subject and some without a formal education, but all of them have the necessary skills to support the long hours and physical wear out required to keep their social responsibility. Skills are necessary to drive a truck in reverse, to load and unload accommodating their equipment in difficult ways and to guide their big machine across the country carrying every product that is consume in our markets but, the mental skills are more difficult to acquire to last as a truck driver.

We could ask ourselves why do they do it been such an ungrateful profession? First, we most understand that driving a truck to make a living becomes a way of life to some people. The sacrifices that they make when they live their homes to go to work require a strong will and by far more mental strength then somebody that knows that they will be back home by the end of the working day. Some of us could not even imagine taking a job that will separate us from our family for such long periods of time. Furthermore, we could not take the loneliness that will accompany a truck driver knowing that he will not be back home for Christmas, Thanksgiving or his son’s birthday grows when his time to take an 8 hour brake comes. They will keep on doing it because they are humans that care about their family and know that their paycheck will provide for them.

Unfortunately, our economy is starting to cut the only benefit that they were getting which, at some point, was their paycheck. In order for them to keep on going, they, sometimes, are forced to fight their contractors for the extra penny per mile that will make the difference between been able to spend a day at home and stay out working during the holidays to be able to pay bills which, just like all of us, they have.

Next time, when you see a truck driver, don’t be afraid to say “thank you for providing us with the goods and products that we need and for moving America".


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