We all want a good education for our kids but, some of us donít let their teachers provide it to them. We may be hurting our children by overprotecting them from their educators. Have you ever asked your self why there is so much teacher desertion in the United States? Is not only that teachers salaries are low or because they work too hard and donít get enough benefits. The truth is that some teachers give up and get frustrated trying to educate overprotected kids. 

There have been cases in which the teacher abuses his or her authority but over all the percentage is very low and, because it is highly publicized, we blame them for the failures in the educational system. Most of the educators do more than what they need to do to provide our children with what they need to succeed in school but they have to stop at certain point because they are afraid of the social reaction to their educational methods which in most cases are good but ďcould beĒ disapproved by some parents. 

Teachers are afraid of the childrenís parents reaction and the school rarely stands at their side when an accusation for misbehavior happens. If a teacher raises his voice to a child the consequences could hurt the educators career. Some children would not hesitate to accuse them of abuse which it may or may not be true if we considered the circumstances in which it happens. We, as a society, have been telling children not let teachers make them do what they do not want and, sometimes, is for their own good to obey the teacher orders. It may be the wrong message and we may need to start changing our strategy for the educational system. I am not proposing to leave everything to the teachers but I think that we should give them a little more freedom to correct their students. 

When some people see that they have a problem child they opt by sending them to a military school. Do you know what happen in a military school? Well, the instructors do what some teachers are afraid to do; correct the child problems. The schools are stricter and make the students obey the rules and, what happen then? The child changes his/her attitude towards society and is forced to learn good manners and acquire the necessary basic knowledge to keep going forward with his educational life. 

Remember how it used to be and how the society was in relation to family values a few years ago? Some people think that there was a better educational system but it only was a more strict way to teach. Instructors were less afraid of implementing correcting penalties which did work. One thing is to mistreat a child and another thing is to implement a strict system of rules and regulations. The idea is not to punish a child but to guide him and make him understand the difference between right and wrong. A teacher should not have to give up his job or decide to let his students do what they want to do only because, if he doesnít, he could get fired. We should not educate our kids to call 911 every time they disagree with an educator. 

In order to keep the instructors that we have we may have to change the rules a little. It could be good to offer a good salary to teachers but it would help a lot if we help them educate our kids. With a better salary we could get more teachers but if they only do it because of the money they could perform poorly and contribute to lower the quality of our educational system. Letís remember that most of the teachers that decide to change their career leave because of frustration. They are tired of been confronted by bullies that they have in every classroom. It could be hard for them to contain their frustration every time a student gets away with his wrong behavior with out been corrected. 

We do not want any abuses in the classrooms of any school but, seems like we are only looking to one side. Sometimes teachers are abused by students and nothing is been done. Special schools and boot camps for problematic students are not always approved by their own parents and in some states require a courts approval. Letís remember that a childís education begins at home and we donít want our kids to be a mirror of our family problems.

Luis R Cardenas

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