An Economical Recession Could Be an Opportunity for the Government


The government may be able to take advantage of the recession in which the USA is at this time. The need for people to get economical resources to continue their trend of life could lead to benefits for the general population. On the other hand, unemployment could lead to the increase of criminal rates. If the government starts a few different programs that in other circumstances would be expensive, at this time they could be less costly and help make the country safer. We could help make this country a safer place, cleaner and more educated. Here are my suggestions: 

It may be a good time to take guns out of circulation and away from people that could be misusing them. This suggestion could be to offer people food or money in exchange from those weapons. I am sure that some families in need that may have weapons at home, which they never use, rather have money or food, especially in this time of recession. By establishing a program that could recuperate guns or rifles in exchange of food or money we are also making a better society and saving money. It is more costly to deal with the committed crimes than to prevent them by disarming our society. People in need that are in a bad situation could decide to sell their weapons to the wrong people in order to get their basic needs. The government could prevent that by implementing a program to recover those weapons. I am not talking about something too complicated. Just offer money or food in exchange of pistols and rifles. I should not matter what condition they may be in. 

Another thing that could be a good time to start is the clean up of our streets. The cities and towns could implement a program in which, instead of paying big companies to do the cleaning, they could offer a street block or area to families in need so they make money by cleaning them. What I mean is to ask families in need to clean certain area in exchange for food, medication or money that otherwise would have been paid to companies for the maintenance of the city. It is important to focus on helping the families that are in the lowest income bracket because they are the ones suffering the full weight of this recession. The base for small businesses income is the families in the lowest income bracket. A program like this could give these families the opportunity to overcome this bad economical situation 

My third proposal is to educate and help the economy at the same time. Anybody with a high school diploma or higher education could help change the attitude of some people by either helping them learn how to read and write or the basics of the English language. In this country we have people from all over the world and some of them have been so cut up on their work or the need to help their families that they had no time to fully integrate to our society by learning the basics of the culture. If you feel capable of helping somebody learn the language basics or how to read and write you could get the opportunity of earning some money, if we had a program like this. The idea would be to have people without a job earn some money while they find one. I am talking about a part time that will ensure some income while they are unemployed or going through a hardship. The economy is playing hard ball with low income families and it is very difficult to find a job at this time. 

We, as society, do not want people feel forced to commit crimes pushed by the economical situation. Some families are so desperate because their situation has come to the point in which their reaction to the society could be negative and may affect others. The economy is going through an adjustment that could be an advantage for the government. It is time to solve some problems and helping others at the same time. I think that the implementation of some of the suggested programs could help us and the government. We want to control this country criminal rate and I suggest to start by creating programs to help the unemployed and at the same time the rest of our society. We are in a recession in which we could take advantage and help each other.


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