Hugo Chavez, World’s Eminent Economical Danger 

Some people act without having the most minimal respect for others. The desire of power could blind some world leaders. We need to take a closer look to the Venezuelan leader if we want a better place to live for our children. Chavez had decided to become a dominant leader in his region and, in the process he is hurting the economies of other countries, and the worst thing of all, he thinks he is right! 

There have been complaints from countries like Mexico that Hugo Chavez has decided to disestablish the region. Some people believe that this Venezuelan leader is behind the recent protests headed by educators claiming unfair legislations to the Mexican government. Mexico is too close to the United States and these actions could pollute our country. He could plant a contagious instability virus to democratic governments of the region and it will create worries from governments like the US. 

The nature of countries like Mexico is to just let things happen. There is a known pacifist political culture in Mexico because it depends a little too much from the United States actions. It is imperative no to let other countries influence our political system and it seems like the intention of Hugo Chavez is just that. 

We do not need another Fidel Castro close to us at this time. It seems like Hugo wants to take advantage of the opportunity to influence others with the oil instability problem knowing that his country is one of the region’s big producers of it. He makes most of his external political decisions in is desire to acquire more power and having as one of his objectives the instability of the US economy. He has threatened the United States with not selling oil to this country which hurts the region due to its monetary influence and external commerce even if he does not take any action. 

In his affords to acquire more power and influence the region, Hugo has decided to get closer to Russia and, that by itself, generates distrust and uneasiness in the region. The desire to militarize his country is by itself a treat to the United States which needs to act as soon as possible and try to make a stop to Chavez’s wish to drown the United States in to an economical and political disaster. 

His supporters believe in the balance of powers in the region which could happen if Chavez follows the economical production and industrialization path but, it seems like he has decided to force others to think the way he wants them to think. They also think that the correct way of proceeding is to try to unify Latin-American but, it should not be done by force. While in the United States we are paying more attention to the war in Iraq and other terrorist treats, we are leaving Venezuela unattended. 

The idea is not to escalate our differences with Chavez (not the Venezuelans) to the military level but to try to either get closer or stop him using political tactics of persuasion to integrate Venezuela to our region. Even though it is true that we should not get in conflict with others that do not think like us just for that reason, we can not let others influence our economies for the bad knowingly of their intention. The US can only take so much and it is important for him to know. 

The economical and political Cancer that could spread throughout Latin America and eventually into the United States is originating in Venezuela. Most of the Venezuelans do not support the action of their actual government but seems like it has been imposed to them. This is just a warning!


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