AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO RETIRE?  What to expect from Social Security


The main idea of the social security program is people welfare. The United States created this program based in what other countries in Europe were doing for its citizens. This program has experimented many changes since its creation in 1935. When this program was signed by President Roosevelt, the idea was to provide retirement income for people 65 or older. Lately the government has made changes on the retirement age and social security income requirements. People in the US are starting to worry about the Social Security funds which they think are getting lower and lower with time. The main question could be: Is there going to be money left when you retire. 

The average Social Security Check a retired person gets is around $1000.00 per month and usually does not replace more than 60% of the income they were making before retirement. The main factor that contributes to set a check figure is the average annual income the retired person was making while he/she was working. If that person was not able to save on a 401k program or any other retirement account before deciding to leave the workforce, he/she will have to considerably lower their living standards to be able to retire. But, it could get worst! 

It is considered by many that if congress does not make a big injection of money to the social security funds soon, money will run out within the next 30 years. In the past few years the Social Security reforms have helped alleviate the problem but, currently, more money is been paid to retirees than what the administration is collecting. In other words, more money is going out than what is coming in. If the social security administration donít get at least 6 trillion dollars soon, we could expect the fund to run out by the year 2041 and it considers the contribution of tax payers made during that period too. The Social security administration has considered lowering the social security payment in the future. Would you like that? 

Without a doubt we need a Social Security reform soon. But we need to know where the money is going to come from. Congress can not make a good reform if it has not been studied as for its consequences. It is very difficult to consider a tax increase when the economy may not be able to support its impact. The normal citizen may be pushed to avoid paying what for others could be considered fair but some do not have. Our best option at this time could be to start preparing our selves by saving money for retirement through a retirement account or long term investments but not every person will be able to do it. 

We need to make conscience that the Social Security fund may not be enough for everybody to retire unless something is done soon. Due to the actual situation some people are thinking about how to survive the moment but time does not stop and we have to get ready for the future. Our congress needs to start working on a reform and stop thinking about the next election or how to look good in the eyes of the voters. We could be sure that good ideas are welcomed by your congressman because if he/she can not come up with something we may be able to help. Think about it. We may be able to change things.  The point is that we need a reform NOW!


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