Against Globalization?.  Do you even know what that is?

I would like to tell you that globalization is not exactly what many people think it is; Globalization is the process of interaction between people from different parts of the world, even from different communities within a particular area.  For thousands and thousands of year people from all over have opened to the idea of doing commerce with other countries and regions around the world. Globalization has to do with politics, investment, technology, culture, commerce and even just interaction of other types that integrate with others from a different cultures and countries. The perception of globalization, I think, has to do with not been self sufficient and been forced to depend on others to live a “normal life”.

We had been part of the globalization if we had to take an airplane to go to another place outside of our home town or country. When we do, we usually have to deal with norms, regulations and even people that were not raised next door to your house or in the same town where you live. Those people usually bring something to our way of seen things. We get ideas from the way others dress, walk or speak that make us modify the way we act even if we do not want to. Everything we see when we deal with others from our community changes our perception of the rest of the world.

There are times in which our country has to get involved in situations that are not seen by us as popular but are done with the only intention of protecting its citizens. For instance, If most of our economy was based on the production of oranges and suddenly nature decides that we will not have enough of our production to cover the commerce needs, it is likely that, in order to protect the economy of its citizens, the country will import, trade, help and exercise some of its power to “save” the well been of its citizens. It could be that our neighbor country has an access of oranges and we could be able to make a good deal to save the country’s economy.

Another common thing that often happens in most cultures is based on vanity. Some people love to be dressed to show their knowledge of what is fashionable around the world. They love the new colors, made, structure and design made by designers from all over the world.  They buy things produced in other countries and push the consumption to others of the same product. It is not a need to dress well, it is a need to fit well within our society. We cannot live with the mental trauma of being “different”. Therefore even fashion is part of the global exchange that happens every day.

If you turn on the radio and start singing the song that it is been played, you may not know that it is a product of globalization because that singer or song could be produced at another country and it has been played in other languages already and it could be from a composer that has nothing to do with the country in which you live in but who is making a profit from the sales of his product to you and other people in your community.

In the head of many people, globalization is not been “self sufficient”  and importing more than what they should. It is as if by stopping it they would benefit from the lack of products that are been imported and exported around the world. We got to the point of needing each other for almost everything we do. Globalization is not a bad concept if we utilize it for our own benefit. The money been exchanged between every country surpasses the point in which we could stop it. We must learn to utilize the benefits of exchanging with other. To benefit from their political decisions and to really understand what Globalization is because it is something that cannot be stopped anymore.


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