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In this country, we can not stop paying taxes even if we want to. We get taxed for everything we buy and for everything we sell. We pay taxes for our home and we pay if we sell it. Some taxes were implemented due to a specific situation during a specific time in our history but they never disappeared. There should be a way to make paying these taxes less painful. Some changes need to be made by the federal government. Can we make things work for us and the government too? 

Our income tax is adjusted at the end of every fiscal year but what ever happens with that money when it is taken from our pay check? I think that these money should still be ours until we send our income tax form because we do not know if we are going to owe anything at the end. My suggestion is to find a way to make it less painful for us. An example could be for that money to be placed in an interest bearing account until it is time to put the numbers together. Even if we donít touch the money it will produce interest that should not be taxable since we have never claimed any of the money that was withheld from us in the past.  

Also, how can all that money not be producing interest for the whole year? Letís make it do something for all of us or, if it is producing interest how is it that we are not getting part of it? After all we are the ones that earned the money. Is the government making a business to collect our taxes before hand? 

Every single government in the world requires to collect taxes to be able to function but what is the best way to do it? I am sure that we are willing to help the economy with our share but do not forget, we are part of that economy too! We will always complain that what we pay in taxes is not fair compared to others but we have not found a formula to make it fair to everyone. 

If you ever try to go in business for yourself you will find out that you can not. Why? Because you will always be the governmentís partner. If you make good money in a business you will pay a good percentage of it in taxes. Taxes can not wait for you to pay your loans or to get on time with your rent. It most be paid if you donít want to pay interest on what you owe. If the government owes you from the money collected during the year, you can not get any interest back. 

We can understand that we get a lot of benefits due to the taxes we pay but, I really believe that we are getting to the point in which there are too many taxes imposed on us. The government should think about stopping some of its spending in one side before they start spending in another. It is funny how your payments grow and your salary usually, grows at a slower rate or stays the same.  

A good reform is needed as soon as possible. I think that if the politicians that we have can not come up with a better idea to fix this tax growing problem, it should be delegated to the private sector. I am sure that some economy experts from the private sector can come up with a solution. 


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