Truman, was born May 8, 1884, at the family home in Lamar , Missouri . His father was John Anderson Newman (1851-1914) farmer, livestock salesman. His mother was Martha Ellen Young Truman (1852-1947). He was the oldest of three children; Truman had a brother and a sister Vivian Truman, a farmer and Mary Jane Truman, both of Grandview Missouri .  

Harry S. Truman, 35, married Elizabeth “Bess” Virginia Wallace, 34, on June 28, 1919, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence , Missouri . Truman had one daughter. (Mary) Margaret Truman (1924-2008), singer, author.  Born in Independence , Missouri , she earned a degree in history and international relations from George Washington University in 1946 and studied voice.  

At five Truman was taught to read by his mother. He attended Noland and Columbia grade schools in Independence .  In 1901 he graduated from Independence High School , where, according to English teacher Tillie Brown, he was a hardworking, though, not a particularly brilliant, student.  Valedictorian of the class was Charlie Ross, later President Truman’s press secretary.  His favorite subjects were history and Latin. He enrolled at Kansas city Law School, 1923-1925.  

Truman served in the Missouri National Guard, 1905-1911 and rejoined in May 1917 to May 1919 rising from lieutenant to major. He tried a few different jobs and enerpenurialship and latter he was elected Judge. His career included Judge of Jackson County, Missouri (1922-1924), US Senator (1935-1945) and Vice-president (March-April 1945).  

Truman was administered the presidential oath in April 12, 1945 after the death. In 1948 he was nominated to the presidency by the Democrats that convened in Philadelphia in July. He was elected president in November 2, 1948. His vice president was Alben William Barkley (1877-1956); he served from 1949 to 1953.  

Harry Truman was hospitalized on December 4, 1972 due to long congestion and kidney malfunction. He lapsed into unconsciousness on Christmas day and died the next day due to “organic failures causing a collapse of the cardiovascular system”.

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