Millard was born in a log cabin in Locke Township, Cayuga County, New York, on the morning of January 7, 1800. His father was Nathaniel Fillmore (1771-1863) and his mother was Phoebe Millard Fillmore (1780-1831). 

Millard was the second of nine children. He had five brothers and three sisters-Mrs. Olive Armstrong Johnson, Cyrus Fillmore, Almon Hopkins Fillmore, Calvin Turner Fillmore, Mrs. Julia Harris, Darius Ingraham Fillmore, Charles DeWitt Fillmore and Phoebe Maria Fillmore. 

He married Abigail Powers when he was 26 and she was 27 years of age on February 5, 1826, at the home of the bride’s brother Judge Powers, in Moravia, New York. After Pneumonia, Abigail died on March 30, 1853. Millard again with Caroline Carmichael McIntoch on February 10, 1858 at Albany New York. Millard Fillmore had one son and one daughter by his first wife-Millard Powers Fillmore (1828-1889) and Mary Abigail Fillmore (1832-1854) 

Until he was 17 years of age, Fillmore had only received basic education in reading, writing and math. He had read little besides the bible. At age 19 he enrolled at an academy recently erected at New Hope. He became the favorite student of her teacher, Abigail Powers, whom he later married. In 1819 his father arranged for him to study law at the office of County Judge Walter Wood in Montville. In 1821 he left the law firm and took a teaching job for a while and in his spare time he studied Law at the office of Asa Rice and Joseph Clary. Fillmore was admitted to the bar in 1823. 

After practicing law he served in other public positions- New York Assemblyman (1929-1831), US Representative (1833-1835, 1837-1843), Comptroller of New York State (1848-1849), Vice-President (1849-1850). 

Fillmore became President of the United States following the death of President Taylor. At noon on July 10, 1850, Fillmore was sworn in as President by Judge William Cranch, Chief Justice of the U.S. circuit court of the District of Columbia, before a joined session of Congress. He served the country in the military after the Presidency at the outbreak of the Civil War. 

Millard Fillmore died in March 8, 1874, 11:10pm. He enjoyed excellent health until a few weeks before his death. On February 13, 1874, while shaving, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left side. He partially recovered but a second stroke on February 26th destroyed any chance he had to recover. 

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