Thomas Jefferson was born April 13, 1743 at shadwell plantation, Goochland (now Albemarle) county, Virginia. His birth place was destroyed by fire in 1770. His father was colonel Peter Jefferson(1708-1757)  and his mother was Jane Randolph (1720-1776) who was born in London. She came to America with her family when She was a child. 

Thomas was the third of eight children. He had six sisters and one brother; Jane Jefferson, Mary Bolling, Elizabeth Jefferson, Martha Carr, Lucy Lewis, Anna Scott Marks and Randolph Jefferson. 

Thomas Married Martha Wayles Skelton when she was 23 years of age and he was 28. Jefferson had two daughters; Martha “ Patsy” Jefferson (1772-1836) and Mary “Polly” Jefferson (1778-1804). 

Thomas had no military service. He started practicing Law since his admission to the bar in 1767 in Virginia. He became member of the House of Burgesses in 1769 until1774. In 1775 he became a member of the Continental Congress(1775-1776). He was appointed to the committee charged with drafting the declaration of Independence. He was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1776-1779) and later Governor of Virginia (1779-1781) Jefferson served in other different positions; Member of the Continental Congress (1783-1784), Minister of France (1785-1789), Secretary of State (1790-1793) and Vice-president (1797-1801). 

Thomas Jefferson was chosen as the Republican presidential Candidate in 1800 with Aaron Burr of New York as his Vice-president. His opponent was John Adams who was looking for the reelection. Thomas Jefferson won the elections as President and also the reelection in 1804. 

Jefferson died July 4, 1826 in Monticello estate, Virginia. He suffered from an enlarged prostate which worsen by a chronic diarrhea. He died on the fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of independence. Coincidentally, John Adams died later that same day.


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