Madison, a 5 feet, 4 inch tall, about 100 pounds was born on march 16, 1751 (March 5, 1750, old style) in the home of his maternal grandparents at port Conway, King George County, Virginia. His father was James Madison sr (1723-1801) a planter. His mother was Eleanor “Nelly” Rose Conway Madison (1731-1829) born at Port Conway Virginia. 

James Madison was the oldest of seven children to live to maturity. He had three brothers and three sisters. Francis Madison, Ambrose Madison, Nelly Hite, William Madison, Sarah Macon and Frances “Fanny” Rose. 

Madison, at age 43, married Dolley Payne Todd, 26. She was a widow with one son, on September 15, 1794 at Harewood, the estate of the bride’s sister and brother-in-law, Lucy and George Steptoe Washington (nephew of president Washington) in what is now Jefferson County, West Virginia. Madison had no children. 

James served in the military during the American revolution. In October 1775. He was commissioned a colonel in the Orange County Militia. He saw no action during his brief service. He had started his political career in 1774 when he was elected to the county Committee of Safety. Which his father chaired. Later he became a delegate to the Virginia convention (1776). During his career he healed other political positions; member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1776-1777), Member of the Council of State (1778-1779), Member of the continental Congress (1780-1783), Member of the Virginia House of Delegates (1784-1786), Delegate to Annapolis Convention (1786), Delegate of the Constitutional Convention (1787, where he was named father of the US Constitution). He distinguished him self for writing most of the constitutional Document. He served as a US Representative from Virginia (1789-1797) where he introduced the first 10 amendments to the constitution called “the bill of rights”. Among his service I office he was appointed Secretary of State by President Jefferson (18011-1809). Madison was nominated by the Republicans to the Presidency in 1808. 

He was elected president for his first term in 1808 with George Clinton assigned Vice-president. Madison was reelected president in 1812 and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts was assigned vice-president. 

James Madison died in June 28, 1836 in Montpelier estate, Virginia. Crippled by rheumatism and confined to his room for the last six months of his life.



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