Hayes was born about 9:30 pm October 4, 1822, in a west room of the family home on Williams Street in Delaware, Ohio. His father was Rutherford Hayes (1787-1822), merchant, farmer, and his mother was Sophia Birchard Hayes (1792-1866). 

He had one sister to live maturity- Mrs. Fanny A. Platt of Columbus Ohio. She had a profound influence on Hayes as he grew up. “The confident of all my life” he called her. She died in 1856 shortly after delivering stillborn twins. 

Rutherford married Lucy Ware Webb when he was 30 years of age and she was 21, on December 30, 1852, at the home of the bride’s mother in Cincinnati, Oh. They had four sons and a daughter to live maturity-Sardis Birchard Hayes (1853-1926), lawyer. James Webb Hayes (1856-1934), businessman. Rutherford Platt Hayes (1858-1931), library official. Frances “fanny” Hayes (1867-1950), and Scott Russell Hayes (1871-1923) businessman. 

He learned the fundamentals from Daniel Granger, a schoolmaster, at Delaware, Ohio. At age 14 he attended the Norwalk (Ohio) academy. The next year he entered the college preparatory academy o Isaac Webb in Middletown, Connecticut. At 16, Hayes enrolled at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. From which he graduated in 1842. He studied Law for 10 months at the office of Thomas Sparrow in Columbus, Ohio. In 1843 he entered Harvard Law School from where he graduated in January, 1845. He was admitted to the bar 2 months later. 

Hayes served in the military during the Civil War; He served with the twenty-third Ohio volunteer Infantry regiment from June 1861 to June 1865, rising from major to major general. 

After graduating from the Harvard Law School, Hayes held some public positions-Cincinnati City Solicitor (1858-1861), U.S. Representative (1865-1867), Governor of Ohio (1868-1872, 1876-1877). 

He was nominated to the presidency by the republicans in 1876. Rutherford was elected president in 1876 having as his Vice president William Almon Wheeler (1819-1887), of New York. He served 1877-1881. 

Rutherford B Hayes died on January 17, 1893, 11 P.M., at Spiegel Grove estate, Freemont, Ohio. After conducting some business in his capacity as trustee of Western Reserve University, he proceeded to Cleveland Train station, where he suffered a heart attack. He proceeded to his home at Freemont. There he was attended by Dr. F. S. Hilbish, who ordered complete bed rest. A few days later, his heard gave up and he died in his son’s Webb Arms.

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