Hoover was born around midnight of August 10-11, 1874,in a small cottage on Downey Street in West Branch, Iowa. His father was Jesse Clark Hoover (1846-1880), blacksmith, salesman. His mother was Huldah Minthorn Hoover (1848-1883). Herbert was the second of three children. Hoover had an older brother and a younger sister-Theodore Jesse Hoover and Mrs. Mary "May" Leavitt.

Herbert Hoover married Lou Henry when they were 24 years of age, on February 10, 1899, at the home of the bride's parents in Monterrey, California. He had two children-Herbert Hoover Jr. (1903-1969) engineer, diplomat, and Allan Hoover (1907-1993) retired mining engineer.

Hoover learned the fundamentals of his education at the West branch Free School. After moving to Oregon, he attended Friends Pacific Academy (1885-1887) in Newberg. In 1891 he took collage preparatory instruction at Palo Alto California. At 17 he was the youngest student in Stanford's first class in1891. He graduated with an A.B. in Geology in May 1895.

Hoover never served in the Military. He worked as a Mining Engineer from 1896-1914. He helped with the relief efforts during world war I and later started his public career. He served as Secretary of Commerce (1821-1828) before going for the republican presidential nomination in 1928.

Hoover was nominated by the Republican Party for the presidency in 1928. His chances of winning grew when president Calvin Coolidge declared "I do not choose to run in 1928. Hoover won the presidency having as his vice-president Charles Curtis (1860-1936), of Kansas. He served 1929-1933. Hoover was the president during the prohibition, the market crash and the depression.

At age 84 Hoover underwent his first operation to remove his gallbladder. He later developed intestinal cancer and suffered from internal bleeding. He was virtually deft and blind near the end. On October 17, 1964, he was stroked with massive internal bleeding and lapsed into a coma two days later. He died the morning of October 20, 1964 with out regaining consciousness.

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