Warren Gamaliel Harding was born November 2, 1865 at the family farmhouse in Corsica (Blooming Grove) Ohio. His father was George Tryon Harding (1843-1928), Doctor. His mother was Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson Harding (1843-1910), Doctor.

Harding was the oldest of six children. He had four sisters and a brother-Mrs. Charity "Chat" Malvina Remsberg; Mary Clarissa Harding; Mrs. Abigail Victoria "Daisy" Lewis; George Tryon "Deacon" Harding Jr. and Mrs. Phoebe Caroline "Carolyn" Votaw. 

Warren Harding married Florence "Flossie" Mabel Kling DeWolfe when he was 25 and she was 30 years of age, at his home in Marion, Ohio, on July 8, 1891. They had no children from their marriage. Harding had no legitimate children. He had one illegitimate child, Elizabeth Ann Christian, born in 1919.

His mother taught him to memorize and recite poetry before sending him to school. He assisted Blooming Grove's one room school. At age 15 he entered Ohio Central College, 1880-1882, at Iberia, Ohio. He graduated with a B.S. degree in 1882.

Harding had no military service. After graduating from Ohio Central he thought one term at White Schoolhouse outside Marion. He studied law briefly but quit to become an insurance salesman. he took a job as a reporter at the Marion Mirror, in 1884. He soon acquired ownership and showed that he was an enthusiastic Republican. He served in some public positions-Ohio State Senator (1899-1903), Lieutenant Governor of Ohio (1903-1905), U.S, Senator (1915-1921).

He was nominated for the presidency in 1920 by the republican party and was elected president on November 2, 1920. His vice-president was Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) of Massachusetts, he served from 1921 to 1923 and also succeeded to the presidency on Harding's death.

Harding suffered from high blood pressure and hearth enlargement. The dozens of public appearances he made exhausted him and in the return trip from Alaska on the evening of July 27, 1923, he went to bed with severe cramps and indigestion. Latter he suffered from pneumonia. Harding died August 2, 1923 at 7:30 A.M

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